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54 min Berlin

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It's Redshape, wearing his mask and doing his thing. It just sounds so dangerous.

"Berlin, raise some gun finger for your mandem."

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  1. The Weaponstore at 21:31 via SoundCloud

    anyone know the ID of this track?

  2. koupa via SoundCloud

    !!!!!!!!!!HELP guyzzz track id at 47:00………!?!?!?!?! :)) thanks..

  3. Avi Saha at 23:40 via SoundCloud


  4. ane-k at 21:44 via SoundCloud

    Track ID, pls??????

  5. Tom__Ah at 2:11 via SoundCloud

    @veb-tanztee: Redshape – Throw In Dirt

  6. VEB Tanztee at 7:00 via SoundCloud

    Redshape – Kracken’s Game

  7. VEB Tanztee at 32:35 via SoundCloud

    redshape- mucky bones

  8. VEB Tanztee at 16:00 via SoundCloud

    @chemuel: redshape- the lesson

  9. VEB Tanztee at 2:11 via SoundCloud

    @schmutzsichemusik: need this badly!!! i

  10. Fineberg at 41:40 via SoundCloud


  11. Schmutz. at 2:11 via SoundCloud

    @vaderine: any id yet?

  12. emermont - hanna sandvik at 24:10 via SoundCloud

    track id please?

  13. Science Label via SoundCloud

    Amazing!!! Thanks for it!!
    Is not available to download?

  14. Vaderine at 21:44 via SoundCloud

    genau das richtige jetzt!

  15. Vaderine at 2:11 via SoundCloud

    @hassir: jep, der brennt

  16. Malo Lacroix at 16:00 via SoundCloud

    track id ?? aeric rythm !! really god

  17. Endie at 12:10 via SoundCloud

    @pazzer1: Redshape – Pink Dust

  18. Hassir at 2:11 via SoundCloud

    wie heißt nur dieser sensationelle opener?

  19. Hassir via SoundCloud

    absolut geiles live-set von my man REDSHAPE! wie heißt nur dieser sensationelle opener?

  20. RmnDrfnr at 44:28 via SoundCloud

    pls tell me the id of this amazing track

  21. Mitch Payne at 12:10 via SoundCloud

    ID anyone?

  22. PARALLEL Booking at 0:11 via SoundCloud

    thanks for uploading, watched it live, was an AMAZING night!!! liebe grüße aus berlin

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