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So here it is, the Rustie set we've been longing to bring to you. Representing Glaswegian hip hop, with a genuine pair of turntables.. enjoy!

Ahead of the release of his debut album Glass Swords, Rustie has announced a special London headline show on Saturday Oct 1st at XOYO.

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  1. thisfatzoo at 32:41 via SoundCloud

    kavsrave – your love

  2. thisfatzoo at 34:27 via SoundCloud

    its rustie’s bad science

  3. TommyDarko at 46:00 via SoundCloud


  4. Decay Belfast at 35:50 via SoundCloud

    please someone id this ian van dahl remix!

  5. oreille at 1:13 via SoundCloud

    How download it in France? I need it!

  6. Quikding at 34:37 via SoundCloud

    agreed wtf is this song?

  7. Craftbot at 38:18 via SoundCloud


  8. Craftbot at 31:56 via SoundCloud

    in ya face!

  9. Jeгeաչ ß. via SoundCloud

    wutchu mean name

  10. Jeгeաչ ß. at 2:42 via SoundCloud

    this mix is superior to all others, i need the 320 like last week !

  11. Jeгeաչ ß. at 14:27 via SoundCloud

    ohh mannn bringg it

  12. Blake'Shake at 46:04 via SoundCloud


  13. Digiboy at 2:48 via SoundCloud

    Aphex, nice mix

  14. ajis at 7:28 via SoundCloud

    OMG, whats that?

  15. DjemUK at 4:11 via SoundCloud

    @morbidly-obese-orangutan: Cry Flames, on the new Glass Swords album!

  16. Bread G via SoundCloud

    I would’ve rather see cry flames release instead of hyperthrust :/
    esp after hearing the full here…. in love.

    rustie is the man with the plan!

  17. MulderMusic at 9:56 via SoundCloud

    @marriage-proposal: thanks but that’s not the one I was looking for. I was looking for the tune @ 12.06 found it already, if anybody cares here’s the ID DJ Drama ft. Wiz Khalifa, Fabolous & Roscoe Dash – Oh My

  18. TRUEDAT at 45:06 via SoundCloud


  19. toxya at 9:56 via SoundCloud

    @marriage-proposal: !thnx

  20. marriage proposal at 9:56 via SoundCloud

    @muldermusic-1: this is rustie – hover traps

  21. toxya at 22:48 via SoundCloud

    Track ID Plz ;-)

  22. t.k.i at 34:37 via SoundCloud


  23. Яoel! at 33:47 via SoundCloud

    @unknwns71: Thanks!

  24. Sha at 36:44 via SoundCloud

    Three Six Mafia!!!! Juicy J – Who Da Neighbors (Prod. Lex Luger) rapping about koby. Lol… The beat is hard.

  25. MulderMusic at 12:24 via SoundCloud


  26. MulderMusic at 9:56 via SoundCloud

    @daikin: Hudson Mohawke – Kiss Kasket (Unreleased)

  27. obeseorangutan at 4:11 via SoundCloud

    @muldermusic-1: I think it’s the original version of hyperthrust. It’s called cry flames.

  28. marriage proposal at 15:03 via SoundCloud

    what re-edit is this of dj mehdi (bangalter edit) track?

  29. hanare (daikisagara) at 9:56 via SoundCloud

    i need id!!!

  30. Đamian Dźwigaj via SoundCloud


  31. MulderMusic at 4:11 via SoundCloud

    @tomikadub: some rmx/edit/VIP of Rustie – Hyperthrust

  32. Jaycek at 38:19 via SoundCloud


  33. Jaycek at 5:19 via SoundCloud

    oh my days!

  34. WeirdBrowser at 5:27 via SoundCloud

    @paddywhack: thx dude !

  35. raymoe420 at 46:24 via SoundCloud

    good mix rustie! thanks BR for sharing!

  36. Finna Fiend at 16:19 via SoundCloud

    fckng massive bruv

  37. WeirdBrowser at 5:27 via SoundCloud

    id please

  38. Beaverly Hills at 8:36 via SoundCloud

    Yes !!

  39. Яoel! at 33:47 via SoundCloud

    What is this?! :o

  40. Tomika [Official] at 4:11 via SoundCloud

    is this out yet? amazing, someone’s got the id?

  41. bigger boss at 16:27 via SoundCloud

    cool set

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