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29 min London

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The legendary Sticky running his classics from old to new! Props to MC Drapes as well hosting the set very nicely..

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  1. jawgpawg at 19:55 via SoundCloud


  2. JayEmcee at 6:07 via SoundCloud

    Best garage producer ever. Wicked set,would’ve liked to have heard SimonSez on the mic though.

  3. Will Hatton at 23:12 via SoundCloud

    @djhalo: No shit? Really? I was asking for the track name, not the entire tracklist but thanks Captain Sarcasm.

  4. Dj Halo at 23:12 via SoundCloud

    @willhatton: tutut, most are by sticky if thats a clue.

  5. PEDRO 123 at 11:55 via SoundCloud

    classic stuff

  6. Will Hatton at 23:12 via SoundCloud

    Any track I.D for this one yet? HUGE!

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