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Tom Dicicco

45 min London

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UK techno is the stongest it has been in an awfully long time at the moment, and Tom Dicicco is one of the reasons that statement feel necessary.

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  1. Jerome Cross at 43:41 via SoundCloud

    epic mx

  2. Jerome Cross at 43:41 via SoundCloud

    Groovy set by Tom here.! love his shiz x

  3. Kubrick Apostles at 6:38 via SoundCloud

    Truncate = Heavy!

  4. Danibwoy at 12:54 via SoundCloud


  5. Danibwoy at 5:35 via SoundCloud

    @zokis: thanks :)

  6. brianmaiden at 40:22 via SoundCloud

    @mattberridge: cheers for some of the names matt

  7. mattberridge at 19:44 via SoundCloud

    Marcel Dettmann – Duel

  8. mattberridge at 29:53 via SoundCloud

    @alblayney: Yeah man! This is sweet

  9. mattberridge at 40:22 via SoundCloud

    Delta Funktionen – Minds Into Meltdown

  10. mattberridge at 37:37 via SoundCloud

    Head High – Rave (Dirt Mix)

  11. mattberridge at 15:02 via SoundCloud

    Boddika & Joy Orbison – Dun Dun

  12. mattberridge at 2:28 via SoundCloud

    Midland – What We Know (Motor City Drum Ensemble Dub)

  13. Slider 2000 at 5:35 via SoundCloud

    Truncate – Dial ;)

  14. ratbo at 0:49 via SoundCloud

    snare <3

  15. Al Blayney at 29:53 via SoundCloud

    This sounding very nice here…. What’s this? Sounds like Mr G?

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