One of the garage scenes fundamental figure points giving the Corsica system a thorough going over. Featuring an amazing PA from Tawiah about half way through. Look at how much fun he's having. Big smiles all round.


Zed Bias (ft. Sam Frank) - Nightlovers - Tru Thoughts

Hidden Orchestra (Maddslinky Remix) - The Windfall - Tru Thoughts

Sicko Cell - Sicko Cell - Swamp81

Crazy Wyld Bunch - Wyld Bunch - CDR

Omar (Zed Bias Remix) - Its So

Maddslinky (ft Tawiah) - Further Away (LIVE PA)

Zed Bias - Dark Butterfly - Swamp81

Zed Bias - Music Deep Inside - Swamp81

Zed Bias - Futurola - CDR

Boddika - Basement - Swamp81

Zed Bias - Stubborn Phase - Swamp81

Zed Bias - Heavy Water Riddim - CDR

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