Loefah has been such a strong presence in the scene ever since DMZ was founded, always one step ahead. His Swamp 81 label is the newest way he has taken it upon himself to push the scene and the sound.

Addison Groove is Headhunter's footwork-centric alias, which helped a lot of UK listeners get their heads around the Juke sound. He's playing for us live, so expect some eyes filled with 808 jealousy learing over his shoulder.

You've got to appreciate a producer who can aptly name their tracks. 'Croydon House' really does sound like a Croydon take on house.

Boddika is the new Detroit-heavy alias of one half of Instra:Mental Al Bleek. A project rooted in Underground Resistance and Drexciyan sentiments. What happens when you combine the two best things ever?

It's fun to imagine how this line-up might have sounded a few years ago.