After a stream of well received releases, we're glad to finally get George Fitzgerald down for a Boiler Room session. He comes to represent Hotflush, they've been dramatically under-represented on our show so far.

Om Unit comes to play Boiler Room just on the release of his new EP on Civil Music - which is a total darksided corker! Expect some serious vibes from an artist at the top of their game.

Breach is the house producing alias of Ben Westbeech - perhaps one of the most talented dudes ever. He can sing, he can DJ, he can produce - if he was around in the 70's he'd have a Saturday night family entertainment show, and be hailed as a godlike figure by the middle classes. How times change eh?

Dark Sky will also be blessing us for the second time, and if you saw how it went off last time you'll know it's well worth locking for. Wall-to-wall party vibes.

Last but not least, Knxwledge & InfinitiRock will be heading to Corsica as soon as they land, straight off the plane from LA. To show us exactly how they get down with one of their live sets. Worth seeing if not just to check out what incredible jet lag looks like.