Cooly G wanted to celebrate her birthday up in the Boiler Room, and wouldn't we just be the biggest of dicks if we went and denied her a birthday wish. Expect nothing short of Frankie & Benny's vibes. With the people she's lined up to come down and play, it's going to go off like ice cream with hunfred and thousands, sparklers AND chocolate sauce.

If you ask anyone involved in UK Funky who is the best DJ around, they'll say Karizma. A pretty insane truth when you think back to when Funky emerged, largely off the back of the DJ's who were pushing it's talent. The guys a fucking machine on the decks, and he produces some next level cool stuff too.

Oh, and here's the great man getting his drank on too. Just so you know he can get down like that.

They're beinging along a whole heap of Dub Organizer crew too, including Royce Rolls (who describes his music as both 'Superexplodingghettobassmusic' and 'Crankstep' - make of that what you will), Melo-D, Skitz and Dezy da Bongo Man (who did percussion over Cooly G's XLR8R podcast).


There's also an after party abut 10 minutes drive away, which is free entry before 12. Details of the parties whereabouts will be given out on the night. Everyone loves after parties.