Alright so our show from Red Bull Music Academy Madrid last year was a real highlight. With so many fresh new producers in a room, wowing just like any seasoned professional would. One of the reasons it blew us away so much was Canblaster's set to finish the night. So, we've asked him to come back and we've put together a line-up of similar dopeness for a London presentation!

Obviously Canblaster will be coming down, I've just explained that bit - but then we've also got..

His very close homie Mr. Sam Tiba heading down to show you what's what in his musical world.

That night at RBMA also produced a funner than fun set from Nightwave, who will be joining us to replicate the fun we all had last time.

To kick the night into fine swing with a rather large yet swift boot to the arse of Boiler Room, Zulu and Toyc will be doing a little B2B. Which hould be pretty magical!