This special Boiler Room session is free and will be first come first served, get there at 7pm when doors open as we have a limited capacity. It's going to be amazing.
So we've hooked up with Sound:Frame festival for a Vienna edition of Boiler Room - which is set to showcase some serious local talent and team it with some finer than fine visual artists. All in order to bring you something a little bit different with our regular vibes. It's going down.

Local DJ hero Ella is going to be there..

The disco vaults exploring/ house and techno afficionado 7 Citizens is going to be there..

'Swiss army knife of electronic music' Zanshin will also be playing LIVE to facilitate your needs..

You can officially expect the unexpected as sound:frame's very own Anna Leiser will be there too..

Also from the Affine Records camp, we have Sixtus Preiss coming down to show you what's up..

The fantastically deep Minor Sick is also going to be there..

The Affine Records duo of Cid Rim and The Clonious are gonna be there as well, workin together in harmony to excite you greatly. Pure Magic!

We also have some amazing live visuals lined up from Woei and LWZ.. so all in all it's looking to be quuuite the session. Come down!