photo: Ian Ramsey

See that hand above in the flyer, well that's the very talented hand of Mr John Heckle. He's also fortunate enough to have another very talented hand on his other arm and he's coming to Boiler Room to show them off in a very talented display of raw as fuck house music. He will be joined on the night by three artists who have been bringing the world incredible techno releases on Avian - surely one of 2012's finest labels!?

So yes after a year of releases on Hieroglyphic Being's Mathematics and the sensational Tabernalce label - John Heckle is set to come to Boiler Room with a bunch of new stuff, and his trusty 707, to show you all what he has coming up n 2013! p.s. it's nearly Christmas..

Now then, if you've been looking hard for those killer acid tracks this year then chances are MPIA3 is firmly in your field of vision. With an EP for R&S in the pipeline, it's looking like Truss' MPIA3 alias is all set to takeover - starting with Boiler Room.

One half of Avian management Shifted will be in attendance too. Prepare yourself for curling up in the corner, crying along to kick drums..

Aaaand finally, Avian's other half Ventress will be playing records too. There's bound to be some downright terrifying grooves laid down from the beginning with this fella in attendance. We can't freakin' wait!