On Saturday 26th March, we'll be having an office party over at Last FM HQ. Though as you can imagine, when Boiler Room throws an office party, stuff starts to get ever so slightly off the hook.

Our kind of office party has some of the most legendary producers from recent years in attendance. First of all we've got DJ Rashad coming all the way from Chi City to play for us.

On top of that, we've got Dj Stingray aka member of Urban Tribe and Drexciya/ Scan 7 collaborator Sherard Ingram. We're so glad to get some real Detroit shit up in the Boiler Room. You can also grab his new remix of Unknown To The Unknown right about here.

Rinse FM's Braiden will also be swinging by to show us why he's one of the best Uk dudes around - both inside and outside of music.

Finally, just to send your mind into overload - Lone will be coming down to showcase his individual 'blissed out' stylings with a super dope live show. You might even be lucky enough to hear some of his forthcoming R&S material!

We'll be steaming live from 3pm. Don't forget to lock, or you may well miss out on some sensational vibes.