We're starting a new series of shows which broadcast some of the amazing lectures that Red Bull Music Academy put on. As you would have come to expect, they've put together some guys that we could most definitely all learn a thing or two from. You guys will get your say though too, with a live Q&A session you can partake in online.

These lectures aim to give you s little taster of what it will be like when the academy hits New York later this year.. and in the meantime, check out their vaults of musical education material archived in video format here.

Firstly, in the form of house hero Frankie Knuckles who has been pushing the sound since the 80's. No doubt he'll be providing some amazing stories and sharing that deep knowledge he's racked up over the years.

Then there'll be James Murphy to give you his story and opinions. It's pretty difficult to find another guy who has achieved quite as much as he has in music over the past decade. Whilst seemingly just doing whatever it is he wants to do.