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Red Stripe Make Session 001 – Lex Records & Juke Magazine w/DOOM, Jneiro Jarel, Boom Bip & Buddy Peace

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We've hooked up with Red Stripe to do a series of sessions that will go by the name of 'Red Stripe Make Sessions'. These are all about going back to the days when our show was built on borrowed speakers, 'bring your own' beers, empty warehouses, generators, gaffa tape, and a whole host of talented musical folks. It's nice to finally work with these guys in an official kind of way, since they've been on our screen since day one anyway.

For the first of these session we've hooked up with Lex Records and Juke Magazine to bring you the one and only DOOM. The last two times he was meant to be on the show things didn't really work out, so we're hyped to have him down for real.

He recently announced a new album with Jneiro Jarel - which made for thoroughly exciting news - and Jneiro will be coming down too. Maybe they'll play a bunch of stuff from the new album, maybe they'll just stick on a bunch of their all time favourites. Either way, it'll be memorable.

Boom Bip will also be coming down to play some records - which bumps up the legendary quota somewhat. We really can't wait to get some hip hop in the Boiler Room again - seems like it's been a while.

Oh, and Lex Records' own Buddy Peace will be to enrich the atmosphere with vibes.

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