UK techno takeover in the Boiler Room time?! It sure is.. because we've got a couple of cult heroes and some new kids on the block. All of whom are destined to shake your skeletons with kick drums next Tuesday evening.

Yes, so just after their first release as British Murder Boys in 7 years (on Liberation Technologies), the guys are all set to come down to Boiler Room to play sets - with Surgeon and Regis playing separately of course. I don't think we can quite put our excitement into words, so just check this for a reference..

Oh and a very modern UK techno pairing will be playing with them too, in the form of Ms. Karenn! Blawan and Pariah have deaded out the Boiler Room seperately, but they'll be crossing techno beams for this LIVE Karenn set. Which features no computers by the way.