Hey there people of the internet.. how have you been? Sitting comfortably? Lovely stuff. Well, while you're here I guess we might as well tell you that Tim Sweeney of Beat In Space fame is coming to Boiler Room, and a bunch of other super amazing people, so get ready to lose your shit.

So if you enjoy house music in the slightest, chances are you've found yourself delving into the archives of the Beats In Space back catalogue. Now it's your chance to thank the guy LIVE, whilst he plays records for us all on Boiler Room.

With releases on the mighty Rush Hour and ESP Institute, Young Marco is most definitely on your radar by now. He'll be playing some record this Thursday too, so iron a shirt and get ready to dance yourself into the ground.

Johnny Nash and Kyle Martin will be bringing their LIVE show of Land of Light to the Boiler Room too. Expect a balaeric masterclass from this pair.

Music & Video Exchange in Notting Hill is one hell of a place, and in the basement there you'll find a guy who goes by the name of Sean P.. unless you'd prefer to call him 'The Knowledge', as plenty of people do. Prepare to be schooled!