Okay, so now we know exactly how these W Hotel shows are going to go down, it's time to take this thing on tour. Next stop Paris for a celebration of French dance music - with some seriously legendary names.

Cassius aka Phillip Zdar and Boom Bass are the first to be involved. After over two decades in music, they know a thing or two.. and it's time for them to educate you through the medium of webcam.

The French threesome dOP will be joining us to, to showcase the live show that they've been taking around and around the world this past couple years. No doubt it'll be dOPE!

Truly one of the finest DJs you could ever hope to get down to, Ivan Smagghe will be in attendance as well. We should have had this guy in a long time ago really, thank the heavens it's finally come together..

Mr Dimitri From Paris will also be coming down, as a special guest for the evening..

Filter house legend Alan Braxe is going to be all up in the hotel room as well.. just to sprinkle that extra dose of French legends to the line-up. Oh but wait, one second.. who else?

DJ DEEP that's who! Famed for his productions, his DJing and his love of the E&M mixer. This one is going to be all kinds of unreal!