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Young Turks/ SBTRKT, Jamie XX, Short Stories, Nautic & Nic + Tic

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Ahhh Young Turks, we've been doing stuff together since the very earliest of days - and it always makes for a pretty incredible session. Well they haven't been in for a while, so we invited them back.

Badabing! SBTRKT is going to come and DJ for us all.. after spending the past year or so since he was last with us touring the world and generally killing it. Pretty exciting eh?!

Jamie XX will be with us too, fresh off the back of the release of The XX's second album. We know how much you guys are into what he does, as we all are..

Short Stories is the collaborative team of Koreless and Sampha (BOOM, got your attention!), and although we haven't actually heard anything from these guys working together you, you can pretty much guess that it'll be amazing.

Nautic will be playing LIVE too, and they're a very talented three piece consisting of Bullion, Tic and a vocalist called Laura Groves.


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