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BR Nijmegen x Planet Rose

15 Mar 2017, 18:30 - 00:00 CET

Boiler Room touches down in Nijmegen for the first time and where better to start than the Netherland's longest standing club night, Planet Rose. We had our first taste of the city's relatively unknown scene last year – with an emotional homage to the night in DJ Pure's Residents' Hour Mix and an Upfront Mix from one of the best electro labels, Shipwrec Records.

Now we take our love affair with Nijmegen to the next level with an all-Dutch lineup at the legendary Doornroosje. We've got regular sparring partners Tripeo and ROD (aka Benny Rodrigues) going b2b, live electro from Versalife (aka Conforce) and VC-118A, and dubby sounds from mainstays of the local scene ESHU and Roger Gerressen. This is not one to be missed.

Get your tickets here --- www.doornroosje.nl/event/boiler-room-planet-rose/