Event flyer

Boiler Room Taipei

16 Jun 2016, 21:00 - 01:00 CST

We're headed to Taiwan for the first time to showcase the country's independent music scene. This 100% Taiwanese lineup is headed up by Aristophanes, the rising rapper who featured on "SCREAM" off Grimes' album Art Angels. Mandarin raps over production from the likes of The Range, Will Butler of Arcade Fire, and Foodman.

The genre spanning bill also features Sonic Deadhorse, a one-man band producing experimental club-influenced music who has previously collaborated with Aristophanes, Wifi Grapes aka DJ RayRay, a producer, DJ, and winner of the Red Bull Thre3style DJ competition, fish.The, an electronic DJ and producer making synth pop, industrial, digital hardcore and noise music, Forests, a three piece band which has evolved from garage rock to more experimental beats, and UnderU & Do Hits' Sonia Calico. Visuals on the night will be provided by Children Chiu.

我們即將前往台灣第一次展示這國家地下音樂的文化。這藝人名單當中是100%台灣人演出的, 由 Aristophanes 貍貓帶隊. 她是新興饒舌的藝人在 Grimes 的Art Angels 專輯上配合的 "SCREAM". 中文饒舌的製作由 The Range, Arcade Fire 的 Will Butler, 及 Foodman.

這次的音樂類型包刮 Sonic Deadhorse, 獨自製作地下音樂具有引響力的藝人,曾經有跟 Aristophanes貍貓 (collaborated) 合作過的, Wifi Grapes aka DJ RayRay, 製作人, DJ, 及 Red Bull Thre3style DJ 競賽的冠軍, fish.The, 電子音樂DJ 及製作了 synth pop, industrial, digital hardcore 及 noise music, Forests 森林, 三人團體從 garage rock 演化為 experimental 的音樂, 最後 Luviia, 一位hip hop 的製作人,唱片曾經在 Inner Ocean Records上。當晚的視覺由 Children Chiu 提供.