Upfront 059 / March 15, 2016


A delightfully weird and wonderful offering from Yokohama, Japan. Upfront 059 sees experimental juke/footwork maestro, Foodman, at his unfiltered best.

About this mix

This mix is linked to my inspiration from footwork music. It’s really romantic, but at the same time powerful and primitive images like hyper-ancient civilizations spring to mind whenever I listen to it. I also picked out a few of my all time, little-know favourite songs from my early age and added them at the end. Both simply express how I enjoy music and play with sounds.

Most of the tracks are mine: including ones featuring Taiwanese producer/singer Meuko Meuko and Taigen from Bo Ningen, which will be on my upcoming LP from Orange Milk. The last two tracks are my favourite Japanese bands Kuuki Kodan and Nina. The very last one is from my old playmate, singer songwriter Osaki Go. Hope you all enjoy.

食品まつり a.k.a foodman

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