Upfront 013 / February 9, 2015

Lee Bannon

Lee Bannon takes to the reins for this week's Upfront entry. It’s not for the faint hearted, but would you expect anything less?

About this mix

The idea for this mix comes as a result of being disenchanted by most popular music and wanting a bit of a mind bender. These aren't just inspirations for my upcoming sophomore LP (on Ninja Tune), but inspirations for everything sonically – including live.

Lee Bannon

Boiler Room says...

Lee Bannon has never been shy of hopscotching between musical styles whenever he sees fit. The Cali-raised producer has made a habit of climbing out of whatever box people try to fit him in using versatility as main weapon.

Although initially known as a regular producer for Joey Bada$$, his discography is peppered with nods in numerous directions. Sifting through it there's love for ambient, shady hip-hop (Never Mind The Darkness Of It), southern US hip-hop tendencies (Caligula Theme Music 2.7.5) and West Coast cannabinoid-riddled jams (Fantastic Plastic).

2014's Alternate/Endings is Bannon's best opus to date though. As his first album for Ninja Tune it was a suitably experimental joyride. Albeit vaguely aligned to jungle, most of the twelve tracks were barely even dancefloor compatible. Instead, each track was a brief lesson in how to pair entrancing atmospherics with well-placed jabs of volatile percussion. Abrasive, yet beautifully cinematic in the same breath (Requiem For A Dream and There Will Be Blood were major influences may we add). With just over a year's worth of breathing space, the follow up project is drafted and again sees Ninja Tune as a home. News to please and intrigue listeners in equal measure no doubt.

Accordingly, this week's Upfront refuses to stay put. It's a 34min trip with occasional pit stops in adverse, unexpected places -- a reverb-drenched rendition of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" here, a raging gabba-speed snippet there.

It's not one for the faint-hearted, but then again would you really expect anything less?



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