Upfront 046 / December 7, 2015


Transatlantyk boss, Zambon unleashes Poland's best kept gems. Eleven rubies by the label's key players (inc. Selvy, Ptaki, Naphta & The Phantom) – all in this week's Upfront mix.

About this mix

This mix is a 60-minute journey into the near feature of the Transatlantyk label. It contains nothing but unreleased material that will be out in 2016. Some of the tracks are already mastered, some only mixed and a few are just rough demos and outtakes without names that I signed after instantly falling in love with them.

People who are familiar with the label's output will recognize almost all the artists appearing on the mix – Selvy, Ptaki, Universo, Jazxing etc. (and yes… all of them are from Poland). Selecting the tracks for this mix, I tried to make it as coherent and versatile as possible. First of all, it was to showcase the broad spectrum of genres and styles, and second of all, to create a nice atmospheric mix in its own right. Not only an hourlong sound wave of a few tracks from the label's upcoming catalogue glued together randomly. I hope I succeeded.

Maciej Zambon

Boiler Room says...

Maciej Zambon: the Poland-born, Berlin-based gentleman with a penchant for obscure Polish edits has another plaything. See, as well as paying homage to the past via The Very Polish Cut-Outs - garnering support from Andrew Weatherall, Todd Terje, Pender Street Steppers and more - he's also peering forward with this over venture.

Enter Transatlantyk. Started in 2014 as a means of further establishing (mainly) modern day Eastern Europe dance music from little-known sources, it's definitely made its mark. Speaking to us last year before The Very Polish Cut-Outs BR session he said: “Until now, Transatlantyk has released well received house records by Naphta and The Phantom, with releases by Selvy and Jazxing coming after," before adding: “This winter the label will also release Ptaki's debut LP, the duo responsible for our label’s biggest hit to date, and masters of creating sample based collages. Following that, we’ve got a compilation called POLO HOUSE that will be an overview of the emergent Polish house scene.”

There's still no intentions of lowering the anchor either. Just this October saw the release of Lutto Lento's Mondo Hehe EP, unearthing a stricter four-to-the-floor approach from the usually avant garde Warsaw native with exotic results. It's just one example displaying not only Poland's wealth of talent, but Zambon's ability to highlight it.

For this week's Upfront, the honourable boatswain has plucked eleven rubies out of his secret zip files. It will no doubt reconfigure your rudders towards the East and its criminally overlooked musical treasures.



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