Upfront 047 / December 16, 2015

Om Unit

A plunge into uncharted Om Unit territory. Press play for a rich bounty of future album tracks, unheard forthcoming releases and a couple of oldies that slipped under the radar.

About this mix

This mix is a selection of mostly my own work, including some unreleased sketches and ideas which might become future album tracks, some recent tracks from my new compilation Cosmology, music from forthcoming releases and a couple of older tracks that went relatively under the radar. I also included a beat-less version of "The Lake" from my last EP Torchlight vol.1 which I personally enjoy listening to more than the original.

It is difficult to speak too much about my own work because I believe we are all transceivers of information, and therefore my thoughts on the music won't be the same as yours so why preach about it? The best way I could describe the mix is to say it is threading a line from past to future via the present, and stylistically somewhat skewed to what you might consider "typical" of my stuff...perhaps.

Stylistically I hope to have brought the more etheric side of my work to the forefront for this selection, making it, I hope a good repeated listen. I think the best mixes take their time and fill a space around other tasks rather than demanding your entire concentration for an hour or more.

I hope that you enjoy the journey.

Om Unit

Boiler Room says...

Jim Coles must be looking back at 2015 with a wholesomely content smile etched across his face.

Following acclaimed albums for Civil Music and Metalheadz in 2013 and 2014 respectively, the Cosmic Bridge label boss closed out 2015 with the release of his Om Unit Presents Cosmology Vol.2 compilation. Juiced by a number of sturdy works with the likes of DJ Madd and Jungle/D&B monoliths Loxy & Resound, through to dubstep mainstay Distance and the Keysound approved fellow, Sully.

Then there were the 60+ shows that he managed to squeeze into a schedule which also spawned sell-out vinyl releases on Cosmic Bridge. Om launched the seven part mix series Gates and his Torchlight EP series (he opens this mix with an exclusive revision of "The Lake" from Torchlight Vol.1 and we've been informed that "Adventures in Eden" will feature on Vol.2 in early 2016).

BUNIT, the fledgling imprint from Jim and Sam Binga in 2015 (all set for BUNIT002 in 2016) was born. Om Unit's Edits series continued and we're teased with OMED03 which is due in the the new year plus a TEMPA Om Unit remix 12". Keep the ears open for remixes of Nomine's "Blind Man" (that debuts in this mix) and his much hyped remix of J Kenzo's "Ruffhouse".

As if there wasn't enough new grub, a ~new~ track from 2tall , Cole's Stones Throw producing, DMC Finalist and defunct previous alias appears. We're told Kutmah's IZWID label are set to release a stack of unreleased material in 2016. Add all that to the bunch of quoted "potential album material" and we roll into 2016 with ample amounts of Om. Press play while you attend to your life admin tasks.

Art - Musashi Thoth


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