Upfront 071 / June 14, 2016

Central Processing Unit Records

CPU Records head honcho CPSmith gives you an exclusive look into some unreleased goodness from one of the most exciting electro imprints out there.

About this mix

The sound of CPU reflects Sheffield's musical heritage, forged with that of Detroit Techno and Braindance (Rephlex et al.) But there's a strong syncopated beat influence over the curation which has dominated, hence CPU being known and lauded as an electro imprint.

Another thing you will notice about CPU is the stark and brutal sleeve designs. Each sleeve has an 8-bit binary* catalogue number** on the front centred in an Alien-esque logo, the number being the only thing that visually distinguishes each release.

This mix contains upcoming releases, demos and unreleased tracks on CPU and its sub-label Computer Club, a more experimental branch which also doubles as a club night in Sheffield. I think the mix gives a clear representation of the label and its direction. It was an absolute pleasure to do as I rediscovered some old favourites during the process. I hope you enjoy it and check out the label sometime.

*256 catalogue numbers in total are possible using 8-bit binary.

**This Boiler Room Upfront mix has its own CPU catalogue number so fans and completest heads-up!


the indefatigable boss of CPU Records and hero of Sheffield

Boiler Room says...

Since its inception in 2012, CPU Records has been one of the most exciting and consistent contributors to the world of electro. Driven by a well-defined sound and aesthetic the Sheffield-based label - known for its unearthing of unknown global talents as much as for its association with established artists - presents a carefully curated release schedule that is as pioneering as it is a throwback to the genre's heyday. Despite its growing international reputation and reach the label remains embedded in the Sheffield scene, with label boss Chris Smith (AKA CPSmith) holding regular parties in the city under the name of sub-label Computer Club.

Smith's Upfront entry is a sixteen track excursion along the intergalactic electro highway. With contributions from the likes of label newcomer 214 and long-standing family member DMX Krew, the mix beams its way through the sonic reaches of the "syncopated beat." From heartfelt melodies to drexciyan ventures of dystopian electro funk, Smith's mix and CPU's catalogue have it all.

Max Haynes

Max Haynes

Music and Partnerships Assistant