Upfront 081 / September 12, 2016

Will & Ink

Frits Wentink bares all with techno straight from the heart. The Will & Ink label boss shares unreleased tracks from the archives.

About this mix

Some might know me - Frits Wentink - for my contributions to the Wolf Music recordings and Detroit Swindle’s Heist label, or even as the label owner of Bobby Donny. What is probably unknown is that I have been releasing music from close friends on another vinyl label called Will & Ink. The focus for this outlet is mainly techno, but with a playful and forward thinking approach.

I took this Upfront mix as an opportunity to present another side of myself as an A&R man. Don’t be confused in thinking that I will bother you with a set like this on a dance floor. As Frits Wentink I always feel the need to always present house music in my DJ sets, releases and podcasts. This Will & Ink mix being the only exception.

My upfront mix contains new music by befriended producers associated with my Will & Ink label. Material from Yaleesa Hall, Malin (the two of them also combined), Andeh Lang, Mosca, Chevel and Asusu. All is unheard, most haven't even been mastered yet, and some will stay unreleased and stored in the personal archives. The majority of the material played is scheduled to be released in the next 8 months or so.

Frits Wentink

Boiler Room says...

Frits Wentink's name has reverberated around the Boiler Room halls for a minute. We were lucky enough to have him back in the spring when we touched down in Amsterdam, and everyone got a little too excited. But his talents do not end there. Behold his incredibly emotive take on techno, a presentation of one of his many impressive side projects Will & Ink — a label which most definitely deserves your ears.
From a DJ that is so well known for his house capabilities, it's not only refreshing but impressive to hear such an intensely textured and varied mix. Wentink is the king of making wonky and weird rhythms work, and the beats somehow all fall into place just at the right moment every time.  This is a different ball game though. Expect techno slammers to rouse you from your seat spliced with intermittent ambience. A stunning journey of a mix.
Saoirse O'Leary

Saoirse O'Leary

Saoirse joins us as UK editorial volunteer for the next three months, helping out with day to day running of the website, penning Debuts and all else.


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