Upfront 082 / September 26, 2016

No Bad Days

Osaka, Indonesia, Melbourne, Peckham, Toronto, Edinburgh and a Berlin shed: goodtimes London label No Bad Days is going global.

About this mix

A little snapshot into the coming months of No Bad Days.

Let it transcend you from deep in the African forests into outer space, lassoing around Jupiter and back again. Ideal for listening to before exams and interviews.


Boiler Room says...

Truthfully, I shouldn’t be writing this, as I’m hands on with the label myself – but then again fuck it, all the music has got my seal of quality in the first place.

No Bad Days is about colour, simplicity, and a kind of winsome attitude. Sometimes cheerful hooks, warm pads, infectious melodies and a bit of spring in the step is all that’s needed. Look at Wally Badarou, look at Devo, look at Project Pablo (hi Pat!), look at most Eurodisco in general. They all endure for a reason.

The next 7 or 8 releases will arrive from Osaka, Indonesia, Melbourne, Peckham, Toronto, Edinburgh and a Berlin shed, but don’t stray too far from home musically. There’s some real good tunes in that run – as you can tell if you tuck into the mix. Floaty yet punchy, in short.

NBD: it’s nbd.

Gabriel Szatan

Gabriel Szatan

Gabriel is one of the show programmer/hosts, and BR's Editor-in-Chief – somehow.