Upfront 090 / December 12, 2016

Crammed Discs

From Congolese electronica to 1980s afro-dub, let Marc Hollander introduce you to the weird and wonderful musical world of his groundbreaking Crammed Discs label.

About this mix

True to the label's spirit, here is a tapestry of sounds, beats and styles created by artists hailing from the world over, all affiliated to Crammed Discs.

The mix contains cuts from future albums by: experimental French pop band Aquaserge; the inimitable Yasmine Hamdan, produced by Luke Smith & Leo Abrahams; eccentric American musician McCloud Zicmuse aka Le Ton Mité; the one and only Juana Molina; Egyptian hardcore/gabber/chaâbi maverick Rozzma; and a couple of excerpts from Congolese collective Kasai Allstars' soundtrack for upcoming feature film Félicité (including a remix by Africaine 808).

You'll also hear alternate versions of tracks off recent releases by mighty Parisian electronic music crew Acid Arab; Congo's Konono N°1 joining forces with Angola's Batida; Berlin-based duet OY; demos by Barcelona-based Franco-American artist Maia Vidal; Belgian electronic pop craftsmen Amatorski; Véronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul, my own band recently revived after a long hiatus; an instrumental by South African-Dutch band SKIP¨ some lost, unreleased gems by Mexican-American band Allá; legendary US band Tuxedomoon remixed by Tortoise's John McEntire; and a dub mix from 1985 by afro/electro pioneers Zazou Bikaye.

The interludes were constructed from fragments kindly sent to me by Inne Eysermans (Amatorski), as well as a couple of excerpts from soundscapes by Tuxedomoon & from Bérangère Maximin's "Dangerous Orbits".

Sit back and enjoy the excursion.

Marc Hollander

Boiler Room says...

Crammed Discs has committed whole heartedly to releasing the well-known and -loved sounds of the universe that you're probably aware of already. With the imprint's friends and family including Acid ArabSKIP&DIEBatidaAfricaine 808 and OY, the Belgian label has gained recognition for plunging into the deep end and pursuing music's more adventurous, lesser touched corners fearlessly.

From Congolese electronica to an afro-dub mix from the 1980s, let Marc Hollander introduce you to the weird and wonderful world of his groundbreaking Crammed Discs label.

Julia Kisray

Julia Kisray

Julia is Digital Editor & Music Programmer at Boiler Room.