Upfront 063 / April 13, 2016


With releases living at the crossroads of dancehall, club music, and hip hop, Brooklyn-based label Mixpak has consistently championed artists with unique sounds. Dive into a mix of forthcoming releases, exclusives dubplates, and unreleased material.

About this mix

2016 is an exciting year for us ­as we’re venturing into a few new things that we’ve never done before. This mix is a preview of some of those things; we have a mixtape from London artist GAIKA, some club­not­club music from Wildlife! that’s going to be presented in a different way than usual, more from Murlo (who always gives us dope VIPs) and the debut album from Palmistry that’s out in June. There’s also some dubplates and unreleased stuff in here that isn’t upcoming too. This is a small sliver of what’s going on, but it’s a really nice preview, and I think shows that all the artists here really have their own unique sound. On top of all that and separate from this tape, we also have future things from Popcaan, Jubilee and Dre Skull, and some exciting parties in our NYC home.

Shout out to Wildlife! for mixing these crazy bpms, and big love to all the amazing artists whose tracks are on here.

Words by Susannah Webbmix by Wildlife!


Mixpak is a Brooklyn-based indie label founded in 2009 by producer Dre Skull.

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Nelson Liu

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