2562 “Drumroll”

2562 “Drumroll” – Boiler Room Debuts by brtvofficial



If you have never checked out 2562’s Aerial LP, then it’s probably best you dedicate some time to doing that now. 
Now that’s over, you’ll be suitably enthused to hear that he has a new record on the way, and this time the tempo has been lowered a little and there’s been a lot of new influences in the intervening years, but essentially it’s still the fantastic work of 2562.

Album pre-order:  t.co/iiewNklrJDAlbum presentation at ADE’s Beamlab / live w visuals by Heleen Blanken, Pakhuis De Zwijger, Thu Oct 16t / 8pmfacebook.com/events/1614493945443844

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