Anklepants “Y.H.I.Y.P. (Bintus remix)”

Cast your mind back to March 2014 and you may remember Power Vacuum’s excellent Vectors EP as a soundtrack of that time. A caboodle of tracks from Objekt, An-I, Positive Merge, JoeFarr & J. Tijn came included that time around. Ready yourself for a serious case of deja vu as Vectors returns with the sequel to that initial joyride.

This time they’ve got Vacated, Jerome Hill, Cylob, Cornwallis and even BR favourite Anklepants involved – the same enigma that gifted us with these inspired visuals just yesterday.The very mention of Power Vacuum conjures up thoughts of the peculiar, so expect the whole EP to revel in the weirder and wilder side of techno. Maximum fun from start to finish.

Pre order the release here.

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