Arthur Miles “Jessica’s Place”

Fresh new Bristol-based label Piff Records open their doors armed with a slew of gleaming, steaming hot wax. We got our mitts on the new To Adelaide EP featuring a compilation of fine Australian talent. Out highlight comes as “Jessica’s Place”, which offers nothing less than pure smouldering synth-house heaven from (fairly) newcomer Arthur Miles.

Though still relatively unknown across the pond, Arthur has funnily enough already made his Boiler Room debut, as part of the Untzz 12 Inch showcase last April. With his newness on Piff, expect the distinct, dreamscape sound that fellow house producers down under have worked hard to establish (for more, see: Mall Grab and Francis Inferno Orchestra). A clean track with an ever-so-slightly futuristic sound that is sure to grab your attention — as it did with ours. Give it a spin.

“Jessica’s Place” will be released as part of a compilation entitled To Adelaide EP on 12″ in 21st November. You can pre-order it here. There are only 500 copies available, so be quick!

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