Auntie Flo “Rainfall on Red Earth”

The phrase ‘one-of-a-kind’ perhaps gets thrown around too much these days, but those that already know Auntie Flo (née Brian D’Souza) will join me in saying this is no overstatement. Building a reputation for having one of the most sonically eclectic and captivating live shows, and the revered ability to combine acoustic and electronic elements like no other, Auntie Flo has been excelling at his own game for a minute now.

And now, Auntie Flo is back with a new EP to feed our hungry souls with his beats inspired the sounds of the universe. This project, already with Four Tet’s backing, is the product of D’Souza’s yearning to share his love of traditional African rhythms, and a wish to bring them to the world’s stage. Here, he employs an impressive array of session musicians and a Ugandan ten-string harp, recording it all at the Santuri Studios as part of the Ugandan Bayimba arts festival in Kamapala last year.

“Rainfall on Red Earth” is available in its full 16-minute beauty as part of The Soniferous Garden EP, which will be released in full exclusively on vinyl by Sofrito early next year.

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