Bok Bok “Foxtrot (Neana Bootleg)”

Let’s cut straight to the chase. This is Gang Fatale poster boy, Neana, laying it on thick for Night Slugs‘ ongoing white label series. And as has been the norm, this is no flair business — a two-toned release with a tag team of limb rattlers, each as utterly alluring and stylishly glossed as its coequal. “Da Foxtrot” gets the bootleg treatment this time round; already a glacial, R&G love-in from Bok Bok’s Your Charizmatic Self EP (2014). Neana implants some brawn into the original, elevating it from baby-making BGM to a prime time ballroom rump-shaker.

As ever, this is a vinyl only limited run for the mix masters among you. Plunge the buy button in anticipation of its February 26th arrival date.

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