Children Of Zeus “I Can’t Wait”

Things come round full circle on today’s offering of sonic sweetness. Here, we cast our minds back to August 2016 to see where the seeds were sewn and First Word Records’ balmy session in particular. Manchester-based crooning duo Children Of Zeus (aka Konny Kon and Tyler Daley) introduced themselves to the digital world in style that day, earning their stake as rightful heirs to the Black British soul crown. One jam stood out in particular though, played for the first time and causing head bops across the room. Here we have it in its full mastered glory.

“I Can’t Wait” couldn’t have been better timed for multiple reasons, not least the dawn of spring. On it, the pair ooze their way through three minutes of leisurely-paced, baby-making goodness; super ripe for what we hope will be a sun-filled mid-year. We can’t wait.

“I Can’t Wait” lands on April 7 via First Word Records on 7″ and digital. Pre-order it here.



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