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“Going through the stash”
This Friday Boiler Room launches a new series called Collections, in which we get DJs, label bosses and serious music heads to give us a guided tour of their record shelves. We begin with Budgie: Livin Proof mainstay, brought up around Honest Jons and now producing Gospel-influenced hip-hop, collaborating with the likes of The Alchemist and with releases to come on Theo Parrish’s Wildheart imprint.

Heading down to his South London home-studio, Raj talks to Budgie at length. He gets a guided tour through his life story which has constantly been surrounded by music: from him joining his father’s infamous record shop Honest Jon’s at a sprightly 12 years old, barely tall enough to see over the counter; to tales and anecdotes of being part of the Livin’ Proof hip-hop collective in London; DJing on some of the earliest Boiler Room shows; meeting and working with some of his idols (most prominently Alchemist and Theo Parrish); and even the incredible story of how his digging for Gospel records massively influenced Kanye West on his last album Yeezus.

Below are a clutch of teaser shots from the pre-record. Check the broadcast on Friday, midday BST – More info here.
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An early instrumental project from one of Budgie’s greatest inspirations and friends: ALC aka The Alchemist
Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 18.04.06  Komiko – Feel Alright on Sam Records. A boogie tip with the Budgie Seal Of Approval ©
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Some choice gear, alongside Damon Albarn’s MS-20 and Budgie’s Prophet 600 (out of shot)

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Air Jordans are a studio floor mainstay
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Kashif peepin’


Erykah Badu blessed Budgie with this incense stick when they met in 2011 (obviously kept in A++ condition ever since)
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“Machine doesn’t work unless there’s a bunch of crap on top of it”

Will Davenport

Will Davenport

Will is a Boiler Room project manager and contributing writer.

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