Daniel Avery “Water Jump” (Powell Remix)

The list of all-star names laying their hands to Drone Logic remixes is pretty remarkable: Rødhäd, Roman Flügel, KiNK…we could go on. A final 12” remains to complete the set before the 2xCD remix compilation drops on March 2nd. Here is 1/3rd of that almighty Triforce.

It all looks set to be an exercise from in abstract sound design – the feel of insects scuttling; the eponymous title spluttering – but then, we’re in. The pace of the original has slowed a mite, and even more quintessentially Averian (calling it) disembodied voices nagging away in the background than usual. Given the Diagonal man’s propensity for full throttle rinse-outs, this is almost an exercise in restraint; the accoutrements are washed away, foregrounding that Averian (see, catching on) pulse. New Energy, indeed.

Pre-order here.

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