In Æternam Vale “Clobenzorex”

2016 marks a seminal year for DEMENT3D as the Parisian based label spreads its wings, expanding both its family of artists and its sonic boundaries. Following the excellent collaborative EP from label boss Francois X and Antigone in February, comes a 16-track album from the Lyon-based “electronics maniac and pioneer”, Laurent Prot (In Æternam Vale).

Pink Flamingo is a timely reminder of the raw, wonderfully complex productions of the French maestro – from his project’s conception in the late 1980s, all the way up to his wilder experimentation in more recent years. Made in 1988, the opening track “Clobenzorex” is one of the many extended and unedited proto-techno jams on the album. The track cements the claims by the likes of James Ruskin, Silent Servant and Regis, that his influence on the current electronic music landscape should be seen in the same light as those heralded in Detroit. Without indication, the thirteen minutes are driven by a complex layering of synths, tinged with soft cymbals and a considerable kick. “Clobenzorex” could easily be identified as one of the ‘brand new futuristic experiments’ fit for a truly modern dancefloor.

Pink Flamingos, a 3 x LP gatefold drops on the June 6th.

Max Haynes

Max Haynes

Music and Partnerships Assistant

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