Inkke “Tales From The Quick”

Glasgow’s Russel Patterson (otherwise known as Inkke) has made himself well known within the instrumental grime scene: collaborating with the likes of Novelist, contributing to Big Dada’s Grime 2.0, hosting taking to the Rinse FM airwaves; as well as pinning releases on imprints such as Astral Black and Local Action.

Directly influenced by the likes of Rustie, Hudson Mohawke and S-Type, Inkke is seeking to cast his own mark on this musical landscape. His signature sound is underpinned by a combination of styles, with classic grime references, low-slung Memphis rap and Glaswegian club anthems all ringing clear.

In his six-track Secret Palace EP, Inkke presents his most honed record yet. All tracks are gems, with highlights including clinical club tools “Chores” and “Simmer” – used by the likes of Skepta and D Double E. The jewel in the crown, however, can be found in “Tales from the Quick”. A resounding floor filler that relies upon an unapologetic sub-level bassline, skittering melody and stabbing kicks. Bass faces at the ready.

Released through the UK label LuckyMe, Inkke’s Secret Palace drops on 15th July – pre-order here

Izzy Choudhary

Izzy Choudhary

Editorial intern for the Berlin office

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