Ital “Syndrome”

With a dozen consistently excellent releases for labels like Workshop, 100% Silk and Planet Mu   under arm in just over three years, if Ital does occupy some kind of Toxic Work Environment, he masks it well. True to form, “Syndrome” wastes absolutely no time getting right down to business. Over a serrated and reverb-heavy template, the track feels almost like a photo negative of something softer and more somnambulant by, say, Efdemin. Bells, basically; but dark, sonorous and imposing bells.

By the end “Syndrome” has morphed into something full-fat and fully brain-scrambling, teeing up the rest of this EP (arriving via the increasingly buy-on-sight Gang of Ducks label) expertly. Oh, and just wait until you hear ambient breather “The Citadel” nestled deep in there, surely Ital’s most overtly gorgeous and delicate composition to date – a curveball inside a curveball inside a curveball. By our estimation, it’s one of the best releases of the year so far. Mark 1st June in the calendar.

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