Maajo “Darkness is Good”

So, that’s it then. Summer’s slowly creeping back into its cubby hole; and October is trudging into view, bringing brown leaves and colder eves with it. Maajo is a musical continuation of the similarly titled 12” single by Herman Prime, the Finnish producer’s idea expanded to a five-member band. And the name, which actually translates to “May” in Somali, hands us a final grasp at the sun with this next gift on Queen Nanny. Entitled Tropic Of Tulli, it’s a ten-track expedition fuelled by “an obsession with Balearic disco, deep tribal roots and a love of eighties Afro-pop”.

“Darkness is Good” blends together the last two nodes in that description. A swampy, guitar-led jam that wades along at walking pace; custom-made for your Sunday lazeathons and late evening chill sessions.

Wax lovers will be pleased to know that it’s arriving on 2 x 12″ in a gatefold sleeve. But whether it’s vinyl and/or digital copies you’re after, set your alarm for the release on October 28th.

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