Mark Barrott “The Mysterious Island Of Dr Nimm”

We’ve run a couple of lovely tracks in recent months from the ever-fantastic International Feel imprint, but having an exclusive from label founder Mark Barrott is a true triumph. Barrott’s album Sketches From An Island was one of 2014’s very best, so we leapt at the chance to Debut material off his new EP (with gloriously vivid artwork to match). The release, due July 20th, is also somewhat confusingly called Sketches From An Island. But why stop a good thing, eh.

“The Mysterious Island Of Dr Nimm” is replete with busy, exotic instrumentation as per, but this time exhibits more of a driving groove than the strung-out pace we’re more accustomed to, flourishing slowly into an ecclesiastical beach party. Perhaps the “Garden Of Intrigue And Delight” on last year’s LP was sequestered away on this “Mysterious Island”; or perhaps the titular Dr Nimm is prepping for retirement with multiple land holdings in the Balearics? Either which way, it’s bliss.

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