Modeselektor “50 Trees”

50WEAPONS has finally hit the ceiling. A full decade after the Modeselektor dudes first drunkenly conjured up the concept, the label is due to run its course; but, true to form, not without a bang. Having embarked on an unassailable run since the turn of the decade – especially important in joining the dots between Dettmann and Dark Sky at a time when those two seemed worlds apart – releases #40-50 somehow look even stronger than their recent past. And, as a special treat, we’ll be bringing you one Debut a week from October 5th until the end of the year to bid them a fitting farewell.

You’ve got familiar faces in Shed and Phon.o sitting alongside debutants like Zenker Brothers and Rødhåd, plus (duh) the Monkeytown men themselves. “50 Trees“, featuring moody dub vet Paul St. Hilaire, on the flip will be the very last Weapon cut to wax: dense, foreboding and somewhat like staggering into the unknown – which makes sense for obvious reasons.

50WEAPONS is dead; long live 50WEAPONS.

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