Nothing New #006/ Rob Booth’s Electronic Explorations

Chances are if you’ve been relatively interested in the newest most exciting electronic music in the last few years, you’ll have stumbled across Electronic Explorations. Shortly after which, you’ll have been left stumbing around because Rob Booth’s iconic show often tests your listening and exposes you to some pretty raw shit.

It’s a real honour to have him submit an offering something to our Nothing New series. Let’s hand over to the man himself to tell you what it’s all about.. 

“Acid techno and electro, just the way I like it, and it’s made a revival this year, the 303 / 808.. This is the sound of my middle to late teens.

“My desert islands extended discs mix of 2009 featured the music I grew up listening too, this mix features the more drug induced acid I was listening too ……around the mid 90’s.

“The mix ….It’s relentless isn’t it .. all that acid .. you just can’t help but dance with one fuck off gigantic smile on ya face.

“The “DJ Edge – Compounded” tune takes me back to 1995 … 3am @ atomic-jam ! Proper old skool flavour that one..

“I asked my good friend Stormfield (Combat Recordings) to mix up my choice of tunes. I’ve witnessed Stormfield DJ many times, full of energy and that’s exactly what I was looking for in this mix. I’ve included a lot of acid but also the old skool techno flavours in their too, plus the odd-ball electro-clash tune in their (to a few raised eyebrows) I knew Stormy was into this sound, especially the acid, we’re a similar age so we grew up with this music and I knew he would make something fast paced, energetic and something people would talk about.

“This isn’t the music he would mix, but we both share a love of good quality acid (:

 “I also wanna thank the boiler room for asking me to do this… it’s taken nine months longer than it should of, but I think it’s certainly worth the wait. Big up, always locked in to the boiler stream !!

“Here’s the blurb from Stormfield – The Combat Recordings boss who mixed my “nothing new” selection

 “Nice selection of tunes Rob, I see we share some raving history. This is the rough tracklist. In practice, it’s a bit messier. There’s loops, one-shots and at times up to 4 tunes playing over each other. The levels (specifically bass) varied a bit throughout the selection; the USA’s old techno / house roots come from a tradition of disco / gospel while UK rave shares history with reggae / dub soundsytems, hence there is a significant difference in the focus of mixdown/mastering. You can often spot a UK track coming into the mix because it’s got loads more chest and sub. Overall I tried to keep it punchy.

 “DJ’ing wise I tend to find that if you “overload” peoples’ heads and keep the ideas coming thick and fast, they stop trying to process the music intellectually (especially DJs) and just let it wash over them. 16 years of DJing helps a bit too, I guess. Ultimately, all of that is secondary; it would be nice if the listener comes away thinking it’s a mental, relentless mix of decent tunes; so hopefully they’ll hunt down brilliant music from years ago, generation gap in rave and all that. To better appreciate now, it’ helps to see how far things have evolved, which means seeing glimpses of where it began, blablablabla :)

“ps. I love 303s :)”



Elektroids – Future Tone

The Cotton Club – Nu Jack (Original Old School Mix)

I-F – Space Invaders are Smoking Grass

Detroit Grand Poobahs – Sandwiches (original mix)

Jeff Mills – Tango

I-F – I do because I couldn’t care less

Claro Intellecto – Tone

Aux 88 – Tom Tom

DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Purple Road

Phuture – Acid Track

Underground Resistance – The Seawolf

Plastikman – Spastik

Bobby Konders – Nervous Acid

Jeff Mills – Humana

Plastikman – Spastik

LFO – Freak

DHS – The House of God (Surgeon mix)

Stormfield – Booth Acid (loop)

Slam – Positive Education

Adult – Hand to Phone

Aphex Twin – Didgeridoo

Joey Beltram – It Works

DJ Edge – Compounded

Dave Clarke – No One’s Driving

Anthony Rother – Human Made

Jeff Mills – Growth

System01 – Drugs Work

Leftfield – Phat Planet (Dave Clarke mix)

System 7 – Alpha Wave (Plastikman remix)

Surgeon – Badger Bite

Dave Clarke – Wisdom to the Wise (Robert Hood mix)

Drexciya – Digital Tsunami

Stormfield – some pads

Elektroids – Future Tone outro

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