Oslo Gabon “City Gym” (Lena Willikens Remix)

From Huntleys + Palmers springs forth another wedge of remixes dubbed Chapter 3. This time, it’s key Cómeme player Lena Willikens on remixing duties. You’d usually catch Willikens raiding the airwaves of Dusseldorf’s Salon des Amateurs, as well as spearheading the renowned monthly “Sentimental Flashback” show for Radio Cómeme.

From Chapter 3, we’ve singled out Willikens rework of Oklo Gabon’s “City Gym” as our go-to track. Defined by an enticing flurry of sharp key work and resilient percussion, the track hits the ground running — never losing its grip once.

Chapter 3 drops on 7 October via Huntleys + Palmers.

Izzy Choudhary

Izzy Choudhary

Editorial intern for the Berlin office

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