Prins Emanuel “Bike Chase”

Sweden’s Mälmo continues basking under the reign of Prins Emanuel. This summer, the Prins brings his first ever full length solo album to The Magic Movement – a concept album that revolves around the medium of the vinyl record itself. Arbete/Fritid, translated from Swedish to read “Work/Leisure Time”, are the moods reflected in the LP’s two sides. An early Friday evening A-side and a Sunday afternoon B-side – if you will (insert something about Four Tet doing it first here).

The entire work exhibits the a multi-instrumental vision, with the Prins’ past experience as a drummer coming through loud and clear. “Bike Chase” brings much of the well loved tropical percussion and hypnotic grooves we had been anticipating. Guaranteed satisfaction for fans of the Swede’s former output on the Fasaan/Chalice label.

Catch Arbete/Fritid in full, dropping this summer via The Magic Movement.

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