Quincy Vidal “Nostrand”

For those of you not yet acquainted with Quincy Vidal, now’s the time. The Brooklyn duo comprises of Le’Asha Julius and Caleb Eberhardt (CE), who combine their vocal, MCing and production skills in their soulful, thought-provoking and truly original creations. “No style is more present than the singular, alive and confident voices of Quincy Vidal. Day-in-the-life odysseys through a fiercely modern take on Golden Age hip hop” – still stands as the most succinct description of QV’s music.

Chi’ren is the latest project emanating from New York’s notorious two-piece. With production credits split between CE and Space People, the EP’s seven tracks unearth musical memories from the nineties, through to the noughties and tens. Le’Asha and Caleb’s anecdotal lyrics touch on love, anger, sex, betrayal, and – along with the wolf boy artwork – the loss of childhood innocence. A theme that resonates deeply coming from two young-blood virtuosos of NYC hip hop, and it doesn’t even end there. Styles Upon Styles is releasing an early download of the EP alongside a limited edition hoodie which features the cover art. A portion of the proceeds will then be donated to Food Bank NYC.

Quincy Vidal’s Chi’ren will be available on all digital music stores come April Fool’s Day. Full info available here.

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