Rote “Rote 2”

Earlier this year, we Debut’d a cut off the very first BleeD 12″: that whole release was great, and this is even better. We weren’t originally allowed to reveal the buddy boys behind Rote, but it wouldn’t have required too much guesswork. In the end, that veil of anonymity didn’t last long – which makes sense, given that “Rote 2” falls right in line with the enveloping, hypnotic, go-long techno both Daniel Avery and Volte-Face propagate as producers and DJs.

As well as this cut and the similarly tunnelling “Rote 1”, there’s also some typically brilliant remixes on the flip from Svreca and DJ Nobu. We’ll stop running these BleeDing premieres when they give us a reason to.

EP1 is killer, and you should be buying it come October 9th. No excuses.

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