Tectonic Plates Volume 3 Announced!

The last two Tectonic’s ‘Plates’ compilations were pretty astounding, and it’s pretty safe to assume they’ve struck GOLD once again with No.3 – I mean, just listen to this Kevin McPhee joint. 

Below is the tracklist for the whole thing (pretty exciting stuff eh?), which runs through a series of genre’s with ease as all artists are linked by their high production values and natural affinity with pushing the crap out of boundaries.



1. Kryptic Minds – ‘The Talisman’
2. Addison Groove – ‘Phantom’
3. Tunnidge – ‘Universal’
4. Pinch – ‘Blow Out The Candle’
5. Goth Trad – ‘Mach’
6. Clue Kid – ‘Evolution’
7. Roska – ‘480 BC’
8. Monky – ‘Float’
9. Ginz – ‘Chrome’
10. OM Unit – ‘Preshah’
11. Kevin McPhee – ‘Outs’
12. Illum Sphere – ‘Promise A Secret’
13. 2562 – ‘Rogue State’

Released: 19th March 2012  

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