Yila “Overload (Kasra V Remix)”

“Overload, overload” barks the repeated refrain on Yila‘s Silver Bear Recordings debut. Yeah, it’s a phrase that sits nicely within a chorus, but this isn’t just some aesthetic gap-filler. Speaking on the affect of social media culture, ‘overload’ is Yila’s way of  commenting on the sense of “detachment and loneliness” that our Facebook feeds and tweets promote.

“There’s a weird sense of us all talking about the same things but really not engaging with important subjects enough”, he adds. “It feels like someone else is already doing it so why should we bother standing up and fighting for what we believe in? Just comment on a Facebook post and it rewards the brain.”

That concept gets a new skin under Kasra V‘s control. Inspired by the italo-disco jams he’s been pulling out in his own sets, the NTS regular’s take has a strong metropolitan whiff. Like some nocturnal journey through a cityscape, it’s reflective and pensive in all the right places.

Kasra V plays at tomorrow’s Boiler Room x Converse Rubber Tracks session alongside a host of others. Pre-order the EP here.

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